9 thoughts on “Inside A Book = Adultery For Whom?

  1. A How-To manual? And written by women, that is the interesting part for me.
    Happily married people are the best choice for an adulterous relationship?
    Doesn’t “happily married” mean they should not be seeking an adulterous relationship? Ahh, the good old 1960s. Free love.

  2. Crazy! (That’s all I’m saying cuz I could go off on a tangent!) Thank God for feminism.

  3. Shocking, shameful, intriguing, written by women…given today’s culture I’m surprised it hasn’t been published in an all-new updated edition for the 21st century! Did it include a free scarlet letter? (smile)

  4. Too Funny! Thanks for the photos so we could read a few paragraphs! You should put it up for auction!

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