A Life in Three Books

I came across three wonderful scrapbooks from the ’40s.

This woman began collecting memorabilia in her college years ย and continued recording her life through the war, her wedding, first and second child.

Some of the items in the books are really fascinating….

Click on the first photo to enlarge it, then click the enlarged photo to view the following one, and so on…

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11 thoughts on “A Life in Three Books

  1. Love the blog, especially the title. Found this post of the 1941 scrapbook most interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Good ;uck on your Post a Week goal for the year!

  2. Wow, you left a comment on my blog and it took me to your page with all your blogs on it. What a FABULOUS IDEA! My gosh, you should market that. I’ve peaked at all your blogs and I have to say I just love this scrapbook post! Well, I like the other blogs too, but scrapbooking is something I’ve tried and am not great at, so this is very impressive to me, lol!

  3. This made me a little bit sad. I had a similar scrapbook from junior high through high school and into college. It fell victim to a flood and just recently I made the tough choice to send it to a bonfire.

  4. I think its a little sad that somoene’s family didn’t think that scrapbooks detailing moments throughout an entire life weren’t worthy of being handed down from generation to generation. I wish I had something like that from my grandmother or great grandmother. At least someone else appreciated it enough to buy it and it didn’t wind up in a landfill.

    1. I know what you mean. I felt like that so many times as I took certain items out of donation boxes. But then I am glad when I see them go home with someone else…. ๐Ÿ™‚

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