Monkey Boy

One of our truck drivers has recently given his two weeks notice of resignation as he will begin graduate school this fall.
A job offer has been posted on craigslist and on our website to replace him, and few individuals have sent us their applications or resumes for our consideration.

One of the applicants’ email address included the words “mrmonkeyboy”, which, of course, made me and some coworkers snicker a little, ’cause it’s fun to be silly sometimes.

As Mike and I were screening the applications and scheduling some interviews times, one of the applicants returned Mike’s phone call, eager to schedule an interview; Mike was busy on the telephone with another applicant, so I took that phone call and briefed the caller on the usual details prior to the interview. It was a pleasant conversation and the individual seemed to have some sense of humor. For some reason I became convinced he was “mrmonkeyboy”, so I just asked “Are you Mr Monkey Boy?”.

From the pause that followed I deduced he wasn’t! What would you respond to a person that could potentially offer you a job and that is asking you if you were Mr Monkey Boy?
He finally timidly said “n-n-n-o?”.
Mike was fanning his hands trying to communicate to me “it’s not him!”. Too late!

I began laughing and [thank goodness] he laughed too. I explained that an applicant’s email included those words, I then asked him to erase that part of our conversation. I think he now believes I am not that crazy, but maybe just a little….

It was a little embarrassing but very funny!

The craziest part is that later on, in a donation box, a mug emerged with the image of a monkey face and the words “beware of monkey boy”. Amazing coincidence, isn’t it?

We’ll definitely give the mug to mrmonkeyboy when he comes for the interview; we have to…..

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4 thoughts on “Monkey Boy

  1. I can NOT believe you got a mug that says that – all in the same day- i think the stars are either telling us we MUST hire or call the policie and run far, far away 🙂

  2. SweetWyo, the young man was a little embarassed when I asked him "so…you are mrmonkeyboy", but covered his face laughing when we presented him with the mug. I think he really loved it!Kacy,I know….the stars must be involved, because strange things like these happen a lot around here 🙂

  3. Sometimes your foot just gets stuck in your mouth. If it makes you feel any better, this kind of thing happens to be on a weekly basis. Sometimes daily.Hey, I couldn't believe that shoplifter in your store. What an evil b-(&*$@! She wasn't poor, just evil. Nice to see justice being served.Erin

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