Four Items Donated [Accidently Or Not] On The Same Day

Hermes Constance Crocodile Purse

marijuana [or pot, dope, grass, weed, Mary Jane, reefer] -found in a bag

catheterization trays

sandwich marionette

bullet clip

Never a boring moment at the thrift store!

9 thoughts on “Four Items Donated [Accidently Or Not] On The Same Day

  1. Wow! You must almost be afraid to put your hand into the donation bags for fear of what might be lurking. I watched a series called "Mary Queen of Charity Shops" and the staff in the charity shop used one of those long plastic hook thingies to remove not-so-nice donations! Made me so angry at the nerve of some people literally using charities as dumping grounds!

  2. It looks like your life is filled with excitement and just a little bit of danger! That croc purse is amazing. The bullets and pot, not so much!

  3. Thrifted Treasures, Carol,I must say that it is mostly exciting, but sometimes…yes…we are pretty shocked and/or amused by certain donation; at least they provide a good subject matter for this blog [haha]. oh, and we wash our hands many many times a day…. when we don't wear some plastic gloves. 🙂

  4. grunge-queen, haha no I didn't bag the hermes purse! It looked real to me, buy I am not an expert and had not proof of authenticity. It was sold at e relatively high price [for a thrift store]. If real, good for the buyer! Karma will come around 🙂

  5. someone somewhere is scratching their head and wondering…'where the heck did I stash the weed????'On a legal note, my mama back in the 70's dressed up in an authentic rented flapper costume for a halloween party – and thru the night she kept feeling this lump in the rented purse she had, came home, found there was a hole in the lining of the purse, we opened it up a little more and found a gorgeous big art deco looking cocktail ring. The oval shaped center stone is sort of a brick red color, could be a jade, and it is surrounded by 4 rows of marcasites, all done in sterling silver. Of course it was tarnished and ugly looking, but cleaned up it is beautiful. Of course we kept it and returned the costume (is that bad???) and I wear it to this day, always get lots of compliments.Two things I really love about it – it never loses any marcasites, unlike newer marcasite jewelry I have, which I am forever taking to jewelers to have marcasites replaced. The other thing I have found is that with many old rings, the settings even in areas that are not visible are still pretty – like this ring. Underneath, in areas that aren't seen when you have it on, it still has lovely markings in the silver.

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