Another thief story.

One of our regular customers took me aside in a furtive way and told me he just witnessed a lady trying on a long suede coat, taking it off, and passing it to a man, along with her purse, right after stuffing it with some shirts just pulled from the hangers; she then asked her friend to take the items to the car while she continued to sift through the clothes racks.

I thanked the nice customer and went to the back, rewinded the security recording and confirmed that his report was very accurate.

The woman was now checking out at the register. I approached her and asked her “what about the suede coat?”, she responded unperturbed with a serious and reassuring look “oh, I was going to pay for it”. I did not even tried and asked her “when?”. I simply said that when an item leaves the store before being paid, it automatically becomes a stolen item making her a thief.

At this time her friend re-appeared in the store, after the unloading of the loot. I told him I wanted the coat back and the bag. He attempted to explain that the woman told her to take it to the car, and he was not aware that the items were not paid.  I ignored him and proceeded to walk with Michael to the parking lot so the dude followed us. I asked him to show me where the car was, he guided me there where a third individual was sitting behind the wheel and smoking.

The first dude told the guy in the car to pass the coat and the bag, he then gave the items to me continuing to portray that I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on look.

I walked back inside and toward the woman and began taking items out of her bag: scarves, small shirts and a pair of women sandals. As i took out a zippered small pouch she told me “that’s mine” and added that she did not know those other items were in the bag. She said “he must have put them there” speaking of the man friend. I pointed out that those were women shirts and sandals.

Her answer? “Well, he likes to dress like a woman!”

2 thoughts on “Transvestite?

  1. Great story, it could only have been better if Michael had delivered a couple of kung-fu kicks ala Stephen Segall, to the sinister smoking man while Sherrell wresteled the woman to the floor and threw a few couches on her to hold her till the csi police arrived. You should hire me as security. Valerie

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