25 thoughts on “Cool Ads From Vintage Magazines 2

  1. I loved your post today and enjoyed looking and reading each ad. Elsie the cow seems to have her wits about her whilst trying to convince Elmer to take the kids so she could have a break. This was such a fun post..

  2. I think the airlines need to look at that airfare ad….round trip $3.50????? Oh, man how things have changed…it is $350.00 now if you are lucky!! Great ads today, so fun. Have a great VTT!

  3. What caught my attention is the round trip ticket to the Philippines for just $3.50! I am from the Philippines I was giggling when I read this one, how I wish that is the cost of round trip fare now sigh! VTT~Old cameras

  4. Can you imagine a mens dress shirt for 2.95. Wow. But I guess if you put into perspective, they did not make anywhere near what we do today. Happy VTTAnn

  5. These vintage ads and the magazines are great, Marina. I love the the theme of your blog, even though I'm not really a thrift shop fan.

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