20 thoughts on “Sheet Music

  1. I was just at a store that sold new sheet music, I have to say, it is not as interesting as the vintage sheet music was….these are really pretty covers…Happy VTT!

  2. You have some nice vintage sheet music. I have a couple and will feature one day. Nothing compared to yours.

  3. I love old sheet music. I have a few booklets and I am tempted to take them apart for projects and I am afraid I will regret it. What to do…what to do….

  4. I am WAY JEALOUS!!!! I LOVE OLD SHEET MUSIC and would love to have somewhere to frame it and show it off but I have so much other stuff on my walls no room. 😦 Thanks so much for sharing, they are beautiful.

  5. You have a wonderful collection! Some of covers are so elegant (Hesitation Waltz) and some are downright hilarious and a bit scary(One-two-three-four and Everything is peaches down in Georgia)!

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.@Sweet Bee Cottage: my favorite is "Hesitation Waltz".@Ann Creek: I do not display them; they are in cellophane sleeves for sale in our store.//(*-*)\\

  7. what there is another homemaker in high heels! Not one with an al khiada operative for a daughter I bet. Love the blog forever. Valerie

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