Vintage Patterns

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22 thoughts on “Vintage Patterns

  1. I'm a sewer and collect vintage patterns. This is an extrodinary group of patterns. The Vogue ones are very scarce and when you can find them…about 10 times the original cost. Thanks for showing them.

  2. Nice Collection, I used to work in a fabric store and I wish I had saved all those patterns we threw away there. Thanks for sharing, they are great.

  3. Fun collection! A couple of years ago my elderly neighbor across the street participated in our big neighborhood garage sale. I kept seeing people come out of her garage with big bags full of something. (large kitchen garbage bag size) Finally I told my husband I was going to go over to see what she was selling. Turns out she had 3 big dressers in her basement and every drawer was full of old vintage dress patterns. And she had been selling them for 25 cents each and they had gone like hotcakes!! She didn't want them any more, she was in a purging mood and was trying to clean up her basement.

  4. How pretty! I love the blue suit in the Vogue pattern- how smart she looks- I wish I had someplace to go that I could get that snazzed up! 🙂

  5. These patterns are just fantastic! I love the suit patterns with their peplum jackets and the last dress with the little cap sleeve! Lovely and elegant!

  6. Wandering through this sight brings the fun and adventure of thrift shopping without leaving home. Thanks for bringing it all to us! The only thing missing is the thrill of the bargain.

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