5 thoughts on “Our Little Friends

  1. Cute idea for a post. Ok they're all adorable, but are they all the same type doggie or am I crazy? I'm a cat person so maybe I don't know the diff!! Or is there a thrift store type canine?

  2. haha, grunge queen, they are kind of the same type of dogs: chihuahuas; I guess it's the type you can take with you everywhere. [the one in the second photo is a yorkshire terrier, and the last one is a chi-wiener, half chihuahua half wiener].We have also a pit bull who regularly visits us, she lays at the foot of the couch where his friend sits and read a-la-Barnes&Nobles; and a french bulldog, and a white toy poodle, but I didn't get their photos yet…:-)I am also a cat person, one customer brought one with her, but left him in the car, she explained that her cat enjoys riding in the car…

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