Brass Baubles

This is an entrance bell; once it hangs on the wall, you can pull down the chain to ring the bell.

Here is another one, a little smaller.

An egg timer.
A candle holder.


Monkey hooks.

Does anybody know what is this scissors-like utensil?

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19 thoughts on “Brass Baubles

  1. I have never seen scissors like that…I really love the monkeys..those are really cute! I will check back to see if anyone knows about these scissors…inquiring minds want to know!!! Happy VTT!

  2. I remember my sister showing me a pair of scissors like that before, and I think they are for trimming wicks, but I can't remember if it's candlewicks or oil lamp wicks. Sorry!All of your brass pieces are wonderful, especially that first piece, that looks like a bell. Lovely!Happy VTT!Carol

  3. Oh my gosh. My VTT post was things I use often and I have the same nut cracker, but I didn't think to put it in. Just used it a lot over the holidays.Interesting collection!Kathy

  4. I have no idea what those scissors are for, they are so unusual! I am enjoying looking around your site– what an original concept!

  5. The scissors are genuine candle trimmers. When the "heart-thread" grows too long, the candle starts producing smoke and therefore needs trimming. With these you can cut the thread while the candle is burning. These scissors extinguish the excess burning thread cut off without putting out the candle. Works like miracle!

  6. That is some seriously interesting stuff! Sorry, I can't help with the scissors, but I just love everything, especially the entry bells. Thanks for sharing it.Mary Lou

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