23 thoughts on “Round Bed

  1. If anyone is interested, I’m looking to sell something very similar, mine is royal blue though. I live in Wisconsin and don’t really want to deal with shipping it. I don’t have a round bed to go with, however, I think you can get round beds at IKEA.

    1. I know this is many years after the fact but do you still have the royal blue set for sale? I’m interested and live in the twin cities.

  2. Hello, I have a red velvet headboard and frame to sell very similar to this. You can see photos as of 9-5-12 on our facebook site at AlmaLeigh’s Antiques & Collectibles.

  3. I’m in nc but my parents are selling one in FL. It has everything for decorating the whole room. Headboard, box spring, mattress. She has 4 sets of custom made sheets.

  4. Hello I have this same exact bed and I’m trying replace the box springs and don’t know where to go if someone could inform me on where to locate them that’d be great

  5. I used to have one long time..But anyway how and where can i buy this one. IM VERY INTERESTED.

  6. I used to have one..I would love to get another one..the one on this photo is the same color..mattress and everything. ..

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