50s Santa POPUP Vintage Card

Large vintage Christmas card [9″ X 13″ closed].
Santa’s face on the front; pull down the tip of his beard to change facial expression.
The back shows images of toys and holiday items around a blank “letter” ready to be filled.
As you open the giant card, a holiday scene pops up: Santa’s sled at the front, a Christmas tree, carolers in front of the house and Santa with the toys sack.
Made in Czechoslovakia by Kubarta.

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15 thoughts on “50s Santa POPUP Vintage Card

  1. MrCachet,I think it's from the 50's, and it's really not in good conditions: the photos amazingly make it appear better than in reality. There is a lot of yellowing [almost brown!] and age wear, plus the tip of the beard is missing, torn off [too much pulling!!!].I remember these types of cards from when I was little and lived in Italy.The card was donated to our charity organization, like all the items posted on this blog.

  2. I remember pop-ups from when I was a child. I loved playing with them, but unfortunately the wear and tear was too much for them! Great card!

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