It’s Called Being Rude! That’s What Is Called.

I believe that certain behaviors are manifested only in thrift stores. I believe some people allow themselves to misbehave in a thrift store because, to them, a thrift store is not a “real” store: everything in it is used and/or old, so it is not worth any respect. [I feel like Rodney Dangerfield, now :-)].

In a previous post I wrote about customers leaving “gifts” in our store. This time I took pictures; they cover a period of a couple of weeks.
These gifts are just abandoned in the store, without any effort to find a trash can.

The sandwich wrapper pictured below was hidden under the lid of the container for sale.

And then there is the donor who believes someone will use an item in this condition. Of course it never made it to sale floor.

Need I say anything more?

9 thoughts on “It’s Called Being Rude! That’s What Is Called.

  1. Wow! What slobs. I bet if you put trash cans all over they still wouldn't use them. But donating dirty kitchenware? I can only imagine what else that person donated. Or rather, I'd really prefer to not imagine.

  2. Yuck and yuck. But I still think you have one of the best jobs out there. Hang in. Surely there are better donations… and customers also?

  3. If it makes you feel any better -or worse – consumers maintain the same 'litter behavior' in finer retail too! I work retail and know first hand. Sad.

  4. I used to work in a department store when I was going to uni. I always found wrappers, drink bottles, food left lying around clothes or products we were selling. It actually used to really make me angry. It still does, because when I go shopping I still see things lying around. So it seems many people are slobs no matter where they go shopping.

  5. I see these in every kind of store imaginable. I see them almost every time I go into this certain Goodwill which is in a mall along with a McDonalds. However, I go into a shop across from the Eaton Center here in Toronto where jeans cost over a hundred bucks, a t-shirt 40 & I see used cups more frequently, usually 3-5 every time I visit & I only go into the housewares section.

  6. thanks SirThriftALot.Wow! jeans over a hundred bucks? and they are still in business? I'm impressed! We would run everybody out of here… 🙂

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