Another Sleeper

What is it about our store that encourages customers to fall asleep?

Maybe the atmosphere is too cozy, or our furniture is too inviting, who knows?
This has happened before, see these other photos.
As I tapped this guy on his shoulder, I asked him: “are you sleeping?”, obviously waking up, he responded: “no”. I nicely replied: “mh, would you please take your feet off this desk?”.
I almost spit fire when he asked: “and why would I do that?”

9 thoughts on “Another Sleeper

  1. He was rude. I see folks asleep in thrift stores all the time. I don't get it either. They don't do that in furniture stores that I've noticed. Strange.

  2. Wowsers, the cheek of that dude. I gotta say I have never witnessed this kind of behaviour in thrift shops (though I've seen my share of rudeness) … funny, some peoples' attitudes seem to really change when they're in a thrift store – or are they like that to begin with?

  3. grunge-queen, it's one of the mysteries of thrift stores!!!! :-), maybe inanimate object absorb the "spirit" of their owners and then release them in the air when removed from their original location; all these wild spirits are trying to find new homes and the more obtuse individuals are prone to let them in their system….. and…voila`, a rude person in a thrift store is born!

  4. I think my eyes would have crossed at his rudeness.oooo,bad customer.. and why would a customer go into a store,find a chair and go to sleep.??Would he also do that in a supermarket??? You should have sprayed him with a water hose. 🙂

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