CSI Thrift Store

This is when the customer was looking at two shoulder bags [one yellow , one pink] while  at the cash register, and the cashier heard her saying that she did not want to spend “that kind of money” for them.

But then, after leaving her friend at the checkout to pay, the customer placed the two bags on her shoulder and nonchalantly walked around the store waiting for the friend.

The cashier was really busy at the moment, but remembered about the two bags a little later, and proceeded to look for the bags in the store. They were nowhere to be found. And that’s what made us rewind the surveillance camera recording.
Here is the customer walking toward the exit. Pink and yellow bags on her shoulder.

Almost there…..
And she made it!

Unfortunately we have not retrieved the stolen bags. But at least we know now how the thief looks like…..

3 thoughts on “CSI Thrift Store

  1. Wow, unreal – but I do think that some people have a sanctimonious attitude towards thrift stores (totally unfounded, natch), a kind of "you owe me" mentality that baffles me. The amount of theft at my local thrift stores angers and saddens me – every time I go into the change rooms there are tags shoved behind the mirrors. The stores have neither the physical resources nor the knowledge to deal with these situations (since detaining or confronting someone without proof could get them into legal trouble), and this behaviour keeps happening while customers like me keep shopping and paying – and possibly subsidizing those that steal!

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