Some Odd Donations

A couple of wooden nutcrackers.

A measuring stick.
Giant microbes plush toys: cold,


 and staph.
An aircraft purchase order.
A baseball cap equipped with bottle opener.

Gag dietary supplements [read the funny labels]

A pack of bloopers.

A box of dentures.


4 thoughts on “Some Odd Donations

  1. See, this is how I decorate. I would love to see a giant apothecary jar filled with those dentures. Wouldn't that look cool? You could use it as a bookend. And I absolutely love the nutcrackers. I am old enough to miss politically incorrect humor.

  2. Ohmygoodness, I think I would buy every single one of those items. Maybe not the dentures, but I know people who would! And those plush microbes are HOT. My kids are asking me for those. I'm gonna have to sew them though, they are not cheap. And MY thrift store never has plush microbes. haha. Gosh though, you could get all this stuff and be set for White Elephant parties for LIFE! haha.

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