4 thoughts on “Heads

  1. Love the heads, especially the first one. I used to collect the galss heads you picture here in the 1990s. Now I've graduated to head vases, not easy to find!

  2. Hi Marina, since you work at a thrift store, what is your view onthrift stores and CUPS!! Every thrift store I go to has tons ofCUPS!!

  3. Anonymous, hahahaha…..that's an odd question :-)When you say CUPS, do you mean, plastic cups, mugs, tea cups or glasses? or all?In my opinion, the average type of any of those are the items that do not sell at yard sales, and therefore end up in thrift stores. If it's mugs, you are talking about, could be because mugs are easily bought at $1 stores and used for quick mass-gifts [like fill it with candy, wrap it, voila`], receiving people end up hating them and donating them to thrift stores [lots of xmas mugs at our store]. I also think that thrift stores seem to have so many glasses and such, because they assign too much display shelves to them; instead, real estate could be utilized more for higher price items.But that's just my opinion….Hope I helped shedding light on the issue! 🙂

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