Suited Addicts

I enjoy looking at old reference books and notice how differently a problem or issue used to be addressed. 

This is the Revised Edition for teachers of “The Problem: Alcohol and Narcotics” [1962].
It obviously covers a lot of information on drugs and alcohol addiction, but the drawings is what really caught my attention.
So dramatic…. [click to enlarge]
It also shows that in those times, addicts wore suits; look: 

Look at this Dick-Tracy-like dude, influencing a youth to smoke!!!

more suits:

and dramatic scenes:

and more drama

From article above: “The users [of marihuana] lose all sense of reality”.
cool  line drawings!

2 thoughts on “Suited Addicts

  1. Wow – love those images and your analysis. A window into a different time. Thanks for sharing, it’s a good reminder to actually look through old books…

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