Mystery Solved

Sometimes, among donated items, we find a few that are unknown to all of us who work there.

This causes a moment of fun within the team, as one asks the other one :”what’s this”, “I haven’t the faintest idea; does anybody know what this is?”. So we gather around and we yell out ideas.

Most of the times one of us solve the mystery. Few times we do not puzzle out; the funny part is that we still price the item and put it on the sale floor, hoping to get an answer from our customers.

And most of the times we do.
This item has two open ends, nothing that appears to connect it to other items. It’s basically a 6′  mesh tube with plastic circles at regular intervals.
It is still an unsolved mystery, but it sold!

Below is a black metal…something. But what?
It’s about 20″ long X 8″ wide.

We could not recognize the green tool shown below. We all agree that it was a kitchen utensil, but..which one? The name engraved at the top helped solve the puzzle, as we researched it on the internet….

Here is another item; I think it’s something used in construction: it appears as a 2X4 would fit in the openings.

Wine bottles holder? Who knows?

A squared plexiglass piece hinged to a grooved piece of wood. The plexiglass is double the width of the wood. Looks like a cutting board with a large cover that has no function….

If you recognize any of our mystery items, please let us know: we’ll appreciate it!

9 thoughts on “Mystery Solved

  1. Regarding: Below is a black metal…something. But what?It’s about 20″ long X 8″ wide.I think it is for baking two loaves of French bread, side by side.

  2. The item you have marked as a wine bottle holder is not. Its actually from the 50s/60s and it was made to carry drinking glasses to a party or to store them in the cupboard. If you look on Ebay under vintage glasses & carrier you will see them in action.They are highly collectible but most thrifts have no idea what they are so I usually get mine for a few dollars . lol

  3. Thank you, Anonymous!!!!That was really helpful: from now on, this item will not be sold for a few dollars 🙂 [hehehehe]

  4. The last item (plexi glass and wood) is a cook book holder.Holds the book open and the plexi protects it from splatters.-ella from texas

  5. Thank you, Ella. I thought about that, but usually those book holders keep the book at an angle, and this one doesn’t: maybe it’s missing something?I appreciate your input.

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