Not Donations, But Gifts

Pictured above are peanuts shells that one of our nice customers left in a glass bowl displayed for sale on a shelf. Isn’t that nice? And more shells were found here and there all throughout the store: how thoughtful….

Nut shells are not all we find. Many candy wrappers are left weekly in odd places [like, for example, inside  shoes for sale]; soda cups are also regularly abandoned on fixtures and furnitures, and dirty tissues are nonchalantly dropped virtually everywhere…..
But the most disgusting “gift” left by a customer has been…..drumroll….. urine! found in a ceramic popcorn bowl! 
Yes! Urine! I am not joking. 
Apparently this man [I surely hope at least this was a man] couldn’t or wouldn’t hold it and decided to use what was available.
I think at this point there should be some type of commentary on human behavior and thrift stores, but I really do not want to sound cynical and bitter. So I’m just going to leave this task to the reader.

5 thoughts on “Not Donations, But Gifts

  1. What the freaking heck is wrong with people??? I mean etiquette about peeing in thrift stores CLEARLY states that if you urinate in a dish in a thrift store you must then BUY the dish. I have a whole rant about the peanut shells and how my son is allergic and could have gotten sick and so on, but then I’d sound like one of “those moms” so I’ll keep my indignation limited to the pee popcorn bowl. I think that’s universal right? Everyone is put off by pee bowls?

  2. Don’t you wish you could offer these “gifts” back to their owners?The peanut shells and tissues are bad enough,but the pee bowl is just too much. I still love your blog..and check back often to see whats going on. You are a really great story teller, you make everything fun.

  3. CC, I would LOVE to offer these gifts back to their owners!!!! but…what can you do?Thanks you so much for your nice comment!!!! You made my day!

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