Double Take

While I was organizing magazines in the display near the front door, I greeted a customer on his way out. He responded with an unusual comment, he said: “the mannequin at the back of the store is REALLY wearing that dress!”

What would you respond to a comment like that?

I chose to say: “…uh uhm..” in an attempt to collect myself and not look too astonished.

He probably thought I was wondering which mannequin he was referring to, so he continued, while pointing to the mannequin: “that purple dress looks really good on her”, I said slowly “…oh… yeah…” smiling and nodding in agreement [what else could I have said?].

He explained “I had to take a double look; she looks so good, someone could ask her out on a date”, at this time, I could only think of a line  in the Madagascar movie by the penguins, and I kept repeating it to myself: “just smile  and wave, boys, smile and wave….”

Here is the mannequin wearing the dress mentioned above


5 thoughts on “Double Take

  1. Well she does look perky… I mean as far as single toned fake ladies go, she’s pretty hot. Why don’t you put her into something a little more aluring and let us all decide..hahahahahah.

  2. Dang Sexy.could you perchance get a manaquin of a 30 something, slightly overweight woman with bad posture? It’s so hard to tell how the dress would look on ME ya know?

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