Please Write Anything You’d Like About Yourself….Literally!

Below is an excerpt from a volunteer’s application.
After the typical information, name, time available to work, etc, under the question “Please write anything you would like about yourself, your personality, your interest etc.” this is what was entered:
[dots in the paragraph represent parts I’ll keep confidential]

“Hi! I am 36 years old and I enjoy writing as it challenges my mind, I have a website at……. if you want to look at some of my work.
………I attend AA meetings regularly, and I have an amazing support group. I have been sober in recovery for 7 years now.

I am not big on labels but I have been tagged with schizoaffective disorder. I take a monthly shot of Haldol, as well as haldol and other pills, and I am very well anchored in sanity. Two years ago my medication was switched to Abilify, I got a mania and paranoid, stopped taking it, and I became mentally sick. I was arrested and later found not guilty by reason of insanity, and I spent 2 years in a mental hospital. My medicine was increased, I receive therapy, and I have taken great steps to ensure I will never have a mental relapse again. I assure you I am very well rooted in reality and sane.

I am on a spiritual adventure and as I receive disability, I do not need money, I want to help others, and give back to the community, I want to volunteer to help others where I can. While I was at the hospital I learned a lot and have trained as a certified Peer Specialist. I have attended other training from……and want to start………….Substance Abuse and Mental Health meetings. I am very excited about this opportunity to volunteer at your thrift store.

Thanks for your consideration and Best Wishes,


I was really shocked by the candidness of these words, and after reading them, I just wanted to meet this person so I gave him a call. The following day he promptly presented himself to volunteer: he is a very pleasant and helpful individual.


2 thoughts on “Please Write Anything You’d Like About Yourself….Literally!

  1. Wow… that’s heavy. But glad the volunteer is working out…. Thrift stores are my passion, so I’m psyched to find a blog that covers their inner-workings. I laughed out loud at the employee comment about the “clothes off” section… Sorry to mention in a comment, but I couldn’t find another way to contact you: I’d love to add your link to my blog on thrifting/green/style. Hit me back at karlasbonanza at gmail dot com if you’re interested in linkswapping. Thanks again – can’t wait to read more. (

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