Dangerous Donations

Can you believe that these items were donated to our charity organization? [at different times]

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12 thoughts on “Dangerous Donations

  1. Ann, we never see all the donated items until we process the whole content of boxes or bags of miscellaneous items, it never happened that someone handed one of these weapons to one of us. I even wonder if the donors knew these items were in the donated boxes….

  2. Twobarkingdogs, I have been keeping these items in a locked room. There is a police officer that regularly shop at our store, and I have been meaning to ask him about the guns, but haven’t got around to do it [I kept forgetting…]. I definitely do not feel comfortable in discarding them. So, now that I have taken these pictures I think is going to be easier to remember, hopefully 🙂

  3. What is that thing right under the first round of guns… It’s ammo, gun gun gun maybe another gun then mystery item with blue tubing? Is it a torture thing?

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