Unreasonable Customers

How can some customers think that rules should be broken just for them? Is it because it’s a thrift store that make some people believe that anything [they want] is fair game???

Just last week we had a customer expecting us to accept an expired coupon. She basically threw a tantrum and threatened to call the newspaper [saying what? that we do not accept expired coupons?]. She also tried to use the coupon at different times with different cashiers.
Finally she explained that she has a Gold Visa card, and she does not need to shop in a thrift store, she just does because she wants to.

Today another customer tendered three coupons at once, when each coupon clearly indicates that it cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other coupons. When the cashier said she could not accept all three of them, the customer asked to speak with the manager, and proceeded to state that “it is ridiculous that we did not accept all 3 coupons at once”. She added that she “shops 3 times a week in our store, spending a lot of money”, and, apparently that should be the rule breaker. She ended up leaving angry without buying anything.
I wonder what would have happened if she went to Target or Walmart and tried these demands there….
There are also those customers that expect a lower price because they give us donations. Other that ask why an item is priced a certain price. Some want a discount because they are from Canada [real story]. The list goes on…

It is exhausting dealing with this type of customers. Sometimes, when the store opens in the morning, I feel like a lion tamer. You never know when one of them is going to chew your head off….

5 thoughts on “Unreasonable Customers

  1. If it’s done reasonably and politely, asking why an item has a particular price is a valid question. It helps the customer to learn about the value of things and the store’s pricing policies. Of course, the customer should always say thank you for the information and not argue about it.

  2. Yes, anonymous, I agree; any questions asked politely will receive an appropriate and polite answer, as far as I am concerned. The customers that try to bargain aggressively and sarcastically are the ones that, no matter how you explain it, will not understand the purpose of a charity/fund raiser store: they only look out for their interest.

  3. I think a lot of folks think they are dealing with Wal-Mart expecting a refund for half eaten candy, an empty Coke and already chewed gum. There are a lot of strange people out in the world. Sometimes they irk me enough to want to stay home and hide!

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