Soft, Velvety and Plush Pink

Squashy office chair!!!!

Plush pink animals.

Velvety Nail Polish Pal.

Furry kitty wallet.

Ultra soft baby blankets.

Satiny Barbie sleeping bag.

Fleecy Bug Throw.

Satin and feathers lush pillow.
Visit Beverly’s blog for more links to pink things.

13 thoughts on “Soft, Velvety and Plush Pink

  1. Such cozy pinks! Your comments on “shoppers” made me laugh. I deal with the public also – people can be so weird at times!

  2. Such pretty, pretty pinks. Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely day. p.s. I was reading your posts down below and had to smile. I wonder if this type of customer actually realizes and hears whats coming out of her mouth?? πŸ™‚

  3. I love the furry kitty wallet! I’m also interested in the dea box!Nice to meet you, my first Pink Saturday. Still going through posts on Monday!

  4. Such fun pinks! I actually have a pink upholstered desk chair in my home office. I guess it is kind of a dusty rose.Happy Pink Saturday, Marina.

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