Semi-Precious [or Not] Pinks

glass birds
 [1″ L]

[3″ W]

beaded poodle
 [3″ L]

glass beads rosary

Visit Beverly’s blog for more links to pink things.

17 thoughts on “Semi-Precious [or Not] Pinks

  1. I love those little glass birds. I used to have a blue one. I wonder what happened to it. happy Pink SAturday!Erin 🙂

  2. ..Love all your pinks..they’re all pretty..but I really like little brooch and rosary. happy Pink Saturday and have a great pink week.

  3. Love the glass birds! Have never seen anything like them. Really love the brooch! I have so enjoyed “pink Saturday”.

  4. Hi,Glad you stopped by to say hi on Saturday – its nice to meet you!I enjoyed all of your pinks! the brooch is so beautiful and the birds are too cute – they would be great for a valentine display.Thanks for sharing your pink treasures!Blessings,Kymber

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