Smile! You Are On Camera!!

We always knew that many people were dishonest in our store because the empty packaging of items for sale are often found in inconspicuous areas of the store, where one can easily hide the said items in a pocket or purse.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to actually view a couple of these dishonest individuals in the act of stealing.

The store recently installed security cameras throughout the store so, when we discovered empty movie covers, we (most of the staff working at that time) decided to rewind the recording of the day and try to figure out the culprit.

Everybody got really excited while suddenly becoming part of a CSI Thrift Store: we all gathered around in the office, wished to have some popcorn, and started running the tape. Input came from everyone while watching: “look, that woman has a cart full; can you see any tapes in it?”, “it’s probably that fat guy: he’s here everyday and never buys anything”, “was that me? do I look fat?”…

And finally there she is, the guilty customer, the thief: a middle aged woman with daughter and grandchild; the daughter is facing the cash register as look-out, the grandchild is in between [not sure if he is aware of what’s going on] and the woman, who just made a purchase and therefore holds one of our shopping bags, quickly removes the tapes from their covers and places them in the shopping bag. We then witnessed the whole little family nonchalantly leaving the store.

Of course we viewed this recording few hours after the crime happened, so these people were never confronted. But the fact that we saw the act made everyone in the room feel somehow successful, as if we actually caught these people. At least we know how they look like and maybe we can do something about it if they ever walk in the store again.

Oh…and during the Crime Scene Investigation, we were also able to witness another theft taking place: a man putting a computer mouse in his pocket!

double click on photo to view a larger version of it


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