Rake Exchange

The back door chimes announce the arrival of another friendly donor.

After leaving a few donations on the floor, she politely begins to steal our rake that was just inside our service door.

Florence interrupts her clean getaway with “Ma’am, can I help you?”

-“Oh, I was just taking this in exchange of the items I donated”

-“No, Ma’am, it doesn’t work that way; besides we need the rake for the store.”

Her evil plot failed; she lurked back to her lair to plan her next $1.25 caper.

4 thoughts on “Rake Exchange

  1. oh my, catching up on some old posts, and all are making me very happy. People behave just as badly (though probably not as often) in non-thrift retail environments! I used to have some horrible customers…. There’s something about retail that makes people crazy. Or, people are crazy.

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