Not Today

Our parking lot is located behind the store and, more often than not, customers attempt to enter the store through the back door, which is a shorter way in, compared to walking around the building to the front door. The back door is also where people bring their donations, so when donors step in to hand us their items, if they want to go and shop in the store, they often ask “can I just go through here to the front of the store?“.
We do not allow non-staff in the back room for insurance reasons: accidents may happen in a room full of….everything. So when we are asked to allow them through, it is really hard to tell them no, after all they just brought us a donation.
We do try to explain our reasons, but some donors still get offended.

Here are some lines we hear in the back room from people attempting to walk through:

  • “Oops…this is the back room, sorry. Well, now that I am here could I go through?”
  • It’s a long walk to the front, could I go through here?
  • “How are you doing? Here is a magazine, a screwdriver and a pen I want to donate “ items that appear to have been grabbed from the back seat of their car. While talking they continue to walk toward the door to the sale floor.
  • A lady came in carrying a portable oxygen tank; she was not “connected” to it. But in between lots of puffing she proceeded to ask “Could i go through here? see? I carry an oxygen tank…”
  • Some dude just zoomed by without saying anything, nor answering our requests to go around to the front door.
  • Can I just go thru here? Look at my shoes… Have you seen all the rocks in the parking lot?
  • I think that the most notable attempt [and success] was when a lady just walked through the back room; when she reached the door to the front, Sherry was trying to finish her sentence “Ma’am, you cant go thru here, would you please walk around to the front entrance?”. The lady replied “Not today”.
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