Feeling Free

While watching traffic drift by the front window, Gary observes: “uh… did I just see a shirt go over that man’s head?”
I return: “no, that’s not possible”.

Gary, the seasoned veteran, responds “you rookie, everything is possible and likely to occur here at the thrift store”.

Gary shrewdly makes his way out of the danger zone. Having dealt with many similar catastrophies of human behavior, he understand the futlity of asking “Umm, sIr, what are you doing?

As I round the shelf, there sits a 70 year old man with no shirt, smiling.
The following verbal exchange was meaningless.

“We have a dressing room”.
“Yes, I bought this shirt here”.
“You can’t take your clothes off in the store”.
“I wanted to change my shirt”.
“Well, yes sir, and thank you for shopping at our thrift store, and have a wonderful day”.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Free

  1. ha! omg i love this! only in the thrift store would this been seen and dismissed as every day behavior. i once remember trying to help a man who was dressed like an african space explorer try and zip up a sleeping bag for about half an hour while he told me about how he was an evangelist. i can’t talk too much though because i was wearing a pillbox hat at the time. great blog!

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