Following Directions

The shop featured in this blog is part of a charity organization.

This also means that, at times, the criminal court sends our way a variety of people found guilty of committing unlawful activities and consequently ordered to complete community service hours as part of their sentencing.

Sometimes we are very glad to have an individual available to help us with the numerous tasks we have to perform daily, but other times the job of training this individual is harder than completing that task ourselves.

One of these community service workers, Dean, one day was shown how we stamp the back of our price tags on clothes, when it is time for them to become “sale items”. After being explained the process, he was instructed “to stamp all the clothes on that rack”.

About an hour later, Millie, an employee, began noticing an odd design pattern along all the sleeves area of the shirts on the rack Dean has been working on.

It was obvious Dean took the instruction “stamp all the clothes” literally.


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